John Wayne Airport
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Originally named Orange County Airport the OC airport was renamed to John Wayne Airport in 1979 to honor the famous actor and Orange County resident.

The airport is located 35 miles south of Los Angeles and serves nearly 9 million passengers annually. The Orange County Airport has 2 runways that serve 12 different airlines and 2 cargo carrier airlines. Flights go to destinations throughout the United States but there are not currently any international flights offered.

The John Wayne Airport offers a variety of parking options for customers. There are 5 public parking areas offering over 7,000 parking spaces. Curb-side valet service is also offered. These 5 parking options include 3 parking structures near the terminal with both short-term parking and long-term parking availability. There are also 2 parking options that are further from the terminal but offer complimentary shuttles to and from the terminal every 15 minutes.

Rental car agencies are located in the terminal for passenger convenience. There are also shuttle services, limos, buses, and taxis available at the airport for ground transportation to your destination.

The airport also has a number of amenities to help make traveling more enjoyable. There are stores including newsstands and gift shops. There is also a variety of restaurants. Whether you need a coffee, a snack, or a full meal you will find something to fill your need. There are also ATM machines, information booths, and airline club lounges.

Orange County Airport Transportation

Many hotels in Orange County offer complimentary shuttle rides to and from the airport as a service to their patrons. However, Orange County itself does not offer free shuttle rides into the city. Instead, if you are not using a hotel in Orange County, you will need to find private transportation to and from the airport.

There is a company called the Orange County Airport Shuttle or ABC Shuttle. It goes through all of Orange County and also goes to John Wayne Airport, Disneyland, Newport Beach, Anaheim, and Mission Viejo. They make exclusive as well as shared trips. However, it is a privately owned company and it does cost money for the trip. Therefore, it might be best to look into other transportation options, like taxis or other private companies with a shuttle service to find competitive rates. Also, if you can plan your trip around the times when trains are available from the airport to your destination, you may find your best prices with Amtrak.

Orange County Airport New York

On the other side of the country from the old Orange County Airport (now John Wayne Airport) in California, there is a general aviation airport owned by Orange County in New York. However, it is located in the Town of Montgomery, New York.

Because the place is for general aviation and not only commercial flights like the one in California, it is a good place for aspiring pilots to fly and practice their skills. It is also a popular place to store private jets. With Aircraft operations averaging 329 a day, it is the second-busiest general aviation airport in New York.